Dr. Carroll has an extensive background in equine reproduction and neonatal foal care. While Oak Valley Veterinary Services is full-service mixed animal practice, equine reproduction comprises the largest percentage of our clientele. In addition to being the resident veterinarian at Eureka Thoroughbred Farm, Dr. Carroll provides artificial insemination and embryo flush services to hundreds of mares per year. We confidently manage a considerable number of critically ill foals and work hard to give them a fresh start at life. Oak Valley Veterinary Services is committed to staying apprised of research and advancements within the area reproduction and neonatology. We are dedicated to helping each client achieve the best outcome possible for their ideal situation. Please note that our emphasis is on the mare and foal pair, with minimal stallion services provided.

Reproductive Services:

  • Subfebrile mare diagnostics and management
  • Artificial insemination (fresh-cooled & frozen)
  • Embryo recovery
  • Ultrasonographic pregnancy diagnosis and pregnancy monitoring
  • Twin reduction
  • Pregnant mare care, obstetrics, and foaling management

Foal Care:

  • Hyperimmune plasma therapy
  • Complete in-house laboratory diagnostics
  • Intensive management of sepsis, maladjustment syndrome and other neonatal disorders
  • Stalls with 24/7 monitoring
  • Routine and critical thoracic and abdominal ultrasound
  • Endoscopy
  • Transtracheal airway sampling
  • Surgical services for patent urachus, omphalophlebitis, angular limb deformities,umbilical hernias